This is a special one for the Power and Strength of Women all over, for they are truly Invincible.

Our Infinitesimal Existence

An ocean of emotions consume me A whirlwind of questions surround me Clueless about the life's ultimate purpose I get suffocated in this devious ruckus Material extremeties no longer stroke my hunger I wish to wake up from this deep slumber Every action seems frivolous In the face of nature's immense benevolence The insignificance of... Continue Reading →

Stuck in a Labyrinth

Reality for you is what you see and so it is relative to every individual. What if everyone tries to break your reality bubble and you find yourself not recognising the ones you could have died for. A poetry about the downfall of an individual suffering from Amnesia

Echo of the Heart

To be upset is an emotion, it goes awayBut what do you do when you start feeling hopelessWhen you find youself falling deeper and deeper in a pit The noises of everyone around getting bleaker and bleakerYour senses grappling to find sense with your surrounding Monotony then hides the rainbows of lifeYou seem to cry... Continue Reading →


I sit alone in the forest Looking at the trees Suddenly a drop of water falls on my head And looking at my replica I freeze. I ponder, I contemplate, I shiver But the figure enjoys it. I look at her and she looks at me. Our eyes meet And I ask her, “Who are... Continue Reading →

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